December 18, 2015

A Dachshund Christmas Card...

Another Dachshund Christmas card I made.  Our dachshund, Rexy, is the
model again.  I love her!  I mailed this card to my daughter in Colorado for Christmas.

December 7, 2015

Our Home for Christmas...

Today I thought I would share pictures of my home for Christmas. First,
my topiary tree is done I up in red ribbons, snowflakes, cute santas, red
stars, candy canes, glass icycles, red and green balls and velvety greenery.



I try to keep things in the same colors and style for continuity.  So, since the
staircase railing and topiary are both in the entry, I've decorated
the staircase railing with the same ribbons as the topiary.  I've also used the
same candy canes, balls, snowflakes and greenery.  The toile stockings I made 
several years ago. 

The entry table and mirror are so pretty, pictures don't do it justice. The golds
and silvers are beautiful. I mixed in a few crocheted snowflakes my mother made
for me, I just love them!  The sweet fur wearing birds are from Target this year.
I have a small glass bird collection filling the small tree.  

Our tree looks the same every year with the exception of the arrangement
of the ornaments.  We put all the ornaments we have collected over the years
on it.  Every year I think there's no way they're going to all fit on there and every
year they do. I even add a few because I'm a sucker for a cute ornament, lol.  
My husband puts the Angel on every year after the tree is decorated.  I think
she's about twenty-eight years old.

And I love, love, love the reindeer head above the mantle.  I bought it at
Kirklands this year.  I decorated the mantle with my collection of glitter reindeer,
glittered cones and trees, red and green balls and the same ribbons that I used
in the entry.

The wrought iron reindeer on my coffee table I bought from Pier1 several
years ago. I still love them. They are tied up with the same ribbon I used
on the mantle and entry.  I bought the ribbon from Lowes this year. I just love
the color and plaid pattern.

And I've got the snowman chair covers that I bought from Kirklands last
year on my nook chairs.  I decorated the light fixture with ribbons and

 Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by!!

November 14, 2015

Anniversary Card...

I adore the shabby, vintage style handmade cards.  I made this card for my Mother.
She and my Dad would've been married 49 years tomorrow.  


I purchased the paper and tag used on this card as a downloadable printable file 
from Iralamijashop on Etsy.  I love her style and she creates the most beautiful papers
and embellishments.  I also love that I can print them over and over and over, sigh.
The bird sticker is from Hobby Lobby.

November 13, 2015

Flying Dachshunds & Kittens...

I just love these cards! I was browsing cards at Barnes and Noble, like,
a year ago, and came across a similar card. I thought it was neat because
the kitten was dangling on a string attached to a balloon. I also love the
idea of a card with motion, the kitten and dachshund swinging from
the balloon.  I finally got around to making my version since we've got three 
little girls with birthdays coming up. 
I'm sure my grandgirls will love these cards!



And while I was having so much FUN making these cards, I made a special card for my
daughter.  She's away at college and won't be home for Thankgiving :(. The dachshund 
on these cards is actually inspired by our little dog, Rexy. My daughter misses her so much.
I think she will be thrilled to get this card featuring her. It's like she's making a balloon
trip just to see her, lol.  

November 8, 2015


I love to decorate my topiary tree for all of the holidays, which you've probably noticed, hee hee. I try to add a new ornament every year. This year it's a hedgehog. He's really a Christmas ornament from Pier1 but I think he fits into my Thanksgiving tree pretty well. I will probably carry him over to Christmas as well.

October 19, 2015

My Halloween Tree, Ornaments and Decorations...

Here it is more than halfway through October and I'm just now posting about my Halloween Tree and handmade ornaments. Every year I decorate my topiary tree for Halloween and make and purchase a few new ornaments for it.

I realized this paper skull ornament was turned around on the tree so I added it here. It is a Martha Stewart online printable from years ago.
My daughter surprised me with these next ornaments she made and mailed to me from college in Colorado! I love them all!! some are felt, some polymer clay and Frankie is perler beads.

I made the next felt Halloween ornaments for her and surprised her with them.  She needed something mama made!! I got the bat idea from Pinterest HERE.
I also made her this felt orange and black banner for her fireplace mantle (this is a pic of the banner on my mantle before I sent it to her). I bought the felt spiders at Hobby Lobby and the orange and black felt also. I sewed the banner triangles onto a long length of ribbon I also bought at Hobby Lobby.

I sent her these felt candy corns I made too. I just drew a pattern onto copy paper and cut them out, pinned each piece to the different colored felt and cut them out. I stitched the face with floss before I stitched the pieces together. I will also say that I got my candy corn colors in the wrong order, but they turned out sweet anyway!

And this is my entry table and sofa table. I have a small Halloween village I've been putting out since my girls were little. I also decorated the guest bathroom with peel and stick spiders and webs and a giant candelabra I picked up at Target a few years back. I think the grand girls will be too spooked to potty!! lol, Happy Halloween!!
The picture doesn't do this decorated chandelier justice. It really is cool looking. dressed in orange and black tulle, spiders, paper bats and orange glitter balls.