October 29, 2013

Munsters Jar...

I made this really cool jar for my daughter. She loves the Munsters as do I. I hope she likes it! And I hope you do too!

I added the Munsters mansion to a green background and I placed a paper punched spooky iron fence behind the Munsters. It's hard to see in the pictures. 

The jar is illuminated inside with a flickering led tea light candle. The flicker of the candle resembles lightening and makes it look spooky.

October 28, 2013

Halloween Mantel...

I was shopping at Michaels the other day and came across a really neat paper crafting Halloween party pack by My Minds Eye, marked down to under ten bucks. I had to have it and I have been cutting, cutting, cutting and glueing all the neat party items. I made the witches party hats and put two on my mantel. I also made the banners, one is here also. I think they are really neat:)


Here is my mantel with the pumpkin my daughter, Bryanna, carved. She loves Tim Burton!

Bryanna and her pumpkins! :)

October 26, 2013

October 17, 2013

Paper Clay Black Cat and a Lisa Kettell Contest...

This is my entry into Lisa Kettells Blog Hop Contest! You can enter too by going to http://www.Faerieenchantment.blogspot.com.

Thanks to my super talented and crafty mother, I made this amazing cat character.  It was her idea to make homemade paper clay and make something cool from it. She made a pumpkin, and it is REALLY neat ( I will get a picture and post later).  I'm pretty proud of this cat. It is the first paper clay character I have ever made using an armature. I hadn't even made an armature before this. It was so fun! I have pictures to show you from the beginning to the finished character.

I used three styrofoam balls to make the body and head. The arms and legs are wire wrapped in recycled phone book pages and masking tape.
Here he is after I applied the paper clay and let it dry over night.

This is him all painted. I didn't like the curved whiskers so I repainted them.

And here he is all FINISHED!  I'm very proud! :)


And now he hangs on my Halloween tree.

October 9, 2013

Spiders Everywhere...

I wanted to share one of my favorite decorations this year. I simply tied orange and black netting ribbon to a green ivy that I already had draped over my mirror. Then I hung a few felt cat and pumpkin heads from it (I made these ten years or so ago). A already had a bag of Pom Pom spiders in my stash and I attached them here and there all over the netting. I think it looks spooky.

See the big spider in the background of the mirror above the mantle of my fireplace? I found him this year at target for $15. He also has orange lights but he's not plugged in.  I don't know why I decorate so much with spiders since they scare me so. Ewwwww!

Halloween Shaker...

My Mothers idea...to decorate a Halloween shaker box on a wand. She provided me with the box and wand, I painted and decorated it...vintage style.

I don't know if you can see it or not but there is orange Pom Pom trim around the bottom of the box. Also a bit of orange velvet trim around the top edge of the box. It matches the paint color so well you can't see it in the photos.
The back.
Here is an updated picture of my shaker. I added stripes to the wand and a base to stand it up. All my Mothers idea:)

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A Few More Paper Clay Halloween Ornaments...

I had a little paper clay left over from making my black cat so I made a few more ornaments for my tree. First I made an armature for my pumpkin face ornament using a styrofoam ball and then just made the witch hat using card stock. I covered the ball with paper clay and let it dry before I covered the hat so I would have something solid to hold on to while forming around the hat. I gave the pumpkin head a Tim Burton style face!
I wondered how well cookie cutters would work with my paper clay so I rolled some out and used my dachshund cutter. It really didn't work out so well. I had difficulty separating the cut out clay from the extra around the outside of it. After a lot of smoothing edges I finally left it to dry. 
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