August 21, 2013

Halloween Tag Books...

I made these Halloween tag books to sell at Vintage Crush. I used miscellaneous Halloween stamps I have, patterned kraft paper and other Halloween papers, ribbons, glitter, stickers and trims. There is also a place on the back of each tag to attach a photo.
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Halloween Tags...

Halloween is almost here! At least it feels like it here since I've been working on these tags and a few other Fall and Halloween items.  I made these using patterned kraft paper, stamps, glitter and ribbon. I attached a black satin ribbon rose to the tag with the skeleton head and glittered her hairbow too.

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August 7, 2013

My Burlap Wreath...

I've been admiring a few burlap wreaths I've found on Pinterest and decided to make one for myself. I think it turned out really well with minimum supplies. Of course it's not complete yet, I'm going to embellish it for fall and Halloween. It's been feeling a lot like fall here with all the dreary weather lately. I think that's what has  inspired me most to start on fall decorating.  

All my supplies I purchased from Hobby Lobby for right at $20, using coupons and buying burlap ribbon on sale.

Wire wreath form, about 16"
Floral wire
2  black and white chevron patterned burlap ribbon rolls
1 orange burlap ribbon roll

That's all I used on my wreath.  This isn't really a tutorial but I will tell you how I put it together. First I cut a bunch of wire to measure about 4" or 5" inches long (these are the ties). Cut more as you need them.  Then a sat on my living room floor and laid down a ruler in front of me. I twisted a piece of wire to one end of the ribbon. Then using my ruler I measured 8" from the wired end to where the next wire would be twisted on, gathering the ribbon then twisting on another wire. Repeat this to the end of the roll and repeat for the other two rolls. Starting on the outside of the wire wreath, take one of the chevron ribbons and find the center. Wire the center of the ribbon to the wreath using the wire end around the ribbon. Now take one of the ends and wire it directly across from where you wired on the center of the ribbon. Repeat this with the other end. Now evenly wire the ribbon around the wreath. Repeat this with the other two ribbons.  When finished just mess with the ruffles until they look even around the wreath. Also attach another piece of wire for hanging if you wish.

I think this would look great in team colors as football season decor too. Embellish it with something team related.

I know I'm not the best at writing directions, so if you have a question I'll try to help you :)
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