My Family Scrapbook..

Stephanie's Girls
Bryanna's Orchestra Recital
November 2012
Halloween 2011

Halloween last year with the kids and grandgirls. This year we will have four grandgirls for Halloween!

All the Grandgirls at Mady's birthday party.

5 months old

Delilah Anne 4 months old

Delilah's very first Arkansas Naturals Baseball game!

                                       EASTER, APRIL 24, 2011

Our Grandbaby, Delilah, in her very 1st pretty Easter dress.

Two of our four granddaughters on Easter 2011
(Most digi supplies from Shabby Miss Jenn)

Newest Granddaughter, Emily, born 1/11/11

My Digi Scrapbook

Our newest grandbaby, Delilah, making wacky sweet faces!

Papa loving his grandbaby girl. 

Bryanna on the first day of 8th grade.

Bryanna and Rexy

Here we are in Eureka Springs, Arkansas standing (sitting) on the long, creepy stairs in the back of the famous "Crescent Hotel".

Bryanna with our sweet, but sometimes cranky, Rexy girl. 

My daughter, she's 13,  baked these awesome cupcakes, just her, by herself! She's an awesome cook.  She also makes her own fried rice and skillet popcorn.  I wonder what she will cook up next?

Our daughter, Rhiannon, on her 19th Birthday.  She's so beautiful!!

My granddaughter, Mady, swimming at our house.  She can say, "Cheeze" really well!

My Granddaughter, Brylee, swimming at her Mimi & Papa's house.
She LOVES to swim in her boat (she calls her float her boat, how cute).

Sweet baby Mady on Christmas morning.  She was sooo happy to get a baby from Santa!
Sugared Pecans, yummy sweetness!

A whole big can of them to share.....maybe (hee, hee)!

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