October 17, 2013

Paper Clay Black Cat and a Lisa Kettell Contest...

This is my entry into Lisa Kettells Blog Hop Contest! You can enter too by going to http://www.Faerieenchantment.blogspot.com.

Thanks to my super talented and crafty mother, I made this amazing cat character.  It was her idea to make homemade paper clay and make something cool from it. She made a pumpkin, and it is REALLY neat ( I will get a picture and post later).  I'm pretty proud of this cat. It is the first paper clay character I have ever made using an armature. I hadn't even made an armature before this. It was so fun! I have pictures to show you from the beginning to the finished character.

I used three styrofoam balls to make the body and head. The arms and legs are wire wrapped in recycled phone book pages and masking tape.
Here he is after I applied the paper clay and let it dry over night.

This is him all painted. I didn't like the curved whiskers so I repainted them.

And here he is all FINISHED!  I'm very proud! :)


And now he hangs on my Halloween tree.

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