November 13, 2015

Flying Dachshunds & Kittens...

I just love these cards! I was browsing cards at Barnes and Noble, like,
a year ago, and came across a similar card. I thought it was neat because
the kitten was dangling on a string attached to a balloon. I also love the
idea of a card with motion, the kitten and dachshund swinging from
the balloon.  I finally got around to making my version since we've got three 
little girls with birthdays coming up. 
I'm sure my grandgirls will love these cards!



And while I was having so much FUN making these cards, I made a special card for my
daughter.  She's away at college and won't be home for Thankgiving :(. The dachshund 
on these cards is actually inspired by our little dog, Rexy. My daughter misses her so much.
I think she will be thrilled to get this card featuring her. It's like she's making a balloon
trip just to see her, lol.  

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