December 7, 2015

Our Home for Christmas...

Today I thought I would share pictures of my home for Christmas. First,
my topiary tree is done I up in red ribbons, snowflakes, cute santas, red
stars, candy canes, glass icycles, red and green balls and velvety greenery.



I try to keep things in the same colors and style for continuity.  So, since the
staircase railing and topiary are both in the entry, I've decorated
the staircase railing with the same ribbons as the topiary.  I've also used the
same candy canes, balls, snowflakes and greenery.  The toile stockings I made 
several years ago. 

The entry table and mirror are so pretty, pictures don't do it justice. The golds
and silvers are beautiful. I mixed in a few crocheted snowflakes my mother made
for me, I just love them!  The sweet fur wearing birds are from Target this year.
I have a small glass bird collection filling the small tree.  

Our tree looks the same every year with the exception of the arrangement
of the ornaments.  We put all the ornaments we have collected over the years
on it.  Every year I think there's no way they're going to all fit on there and every
year they do. I even add a few because I'm a sucker for a cute ornament, lol.  
My husband puts the Angel on every year after the tree is decorated.  I think
she's about twenty-eight years old.

And I love, love, love the reindeer head above the mantle.  I bought it at
Kirklands this year.  I decorated the mantle with my collection of glitter reindeer,
glittered cones and trees, red and green balls and the same ribbons that I used
in the entry.

The wrought iron reindeer on my coffee table I bought from Pier1 several
years ago. I still love them. They are tied up with the same ribbon I used
on the mantle and entry.  I bought the ribbon from Lowes this year. I just love
the color and plaid pattern.

And I've got the snowman chair covers that I bought from Kirklands last
year on my nook chairs.  I decorated the light fixture with ribbons and

 Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by!!

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