February 5, 2015

Owl Valentine's Day Box...

My daughter asked me if I would help her daughter decorate her
Valentine box for school. Her school is having a box contest so 
I'll let you know how it turns out. I thought I would go ahead and 
get the box constructed to save time and boredom on her end since
I'll be the one doing all the cutting with the exacto knife and box cutter.
All she will have to do is glue, glue, glue all the hearts on. We're using
upside down hearts as feathers. I also found some giant Google eyes
that will be perfect.

I used a few pictures and tutorials as inspiration. I tweeked them to make 
my own version. 

Here are the links I used:

Okay, so today Brylee and I decorated the box. She glued on tons
of hearts until she got tired. She asked me to do the head, so I did.

I painted it red a few days before she came over so it would be dry.
I also pre-punched the hearts because I knew it was gonna take a 
while to glue them all on and it would save time. 

She's pretty proud of her box and I am too. It turned really cute!


We glittered around the opening with silver glitter to add some
sparkle. We also glittered around the wings.

We added a large red and pink polka dot ribbon handle for easy carrying.

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