April 14, 2012

Lets Eat Cake, Sugary Cupcakes...

I made these cupcakes using baby food jars as the base. I covered the jar with patterned paper, paper is by Canvas Corp, and then I covered the lid with a swirly glittered fabric topping. The topping is made from taking cording and wrapping it with torn strips of fabric, glue it down as you go to hold it in place. I then took a half of a styrofoam ball that fit the lid and wrapped the fabric covered cording around it to resemble swirled frosting. Make sure you glue it to the lid using a really strong glue (I used Canvas Corps Media Glue). Top it off with glitter and sequins. The cherry on top was a find at Hobby Lobby around Christmas and is actually a plastic sugary candy ornament. I bought it knowing I would find a use for it!!

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