February 25, 2012

Paper Baskets...

Okay, my Mother taught me how to make this pink and green paper easter basket yesterday. She sent me home and said she wanted to see what I come up with on my own. Well Mom, here's my first attempts. They're not finished yet but I have some ideas brewing. I thought I would try using some of the Canvas Corp Kraft Papers. I want to make a pocket and add flowers and other items to it. The black and white papers I thought I would make something more fun. Tell me what you think so far.
Here's what I have come up with so far. I'm not finished yet, just started on it. I will post pictures of my finished baskets later.
Here I used one of my hand dyed buttons.  It matched the tinsel perfectly I thought,
I stitched the bottom closed and used 20 strips of paper instead of
the 28 strips we used in making the other baskets. The kraft paper
was stiffer than the other patterned papers so it was a little more
difficult to assemble, but it is really strong.
I think I'll add a ribbon handle to it for hanging.
Remember the flower you also showed me that you made? I made
several of them too. I have added one to the front of this pocket.
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